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Korean Terms
The terminology for Tae Kwon Do is described in Korean and English and knowing the terms is part of the syllabus. Below are some of the terms that you will get to know. Note though that you do not have to know all these terms straight away! There is a syllabus guide book that gives you information on exactly you could be tested on each grading.
The reason it is taught in Korean is so that where ever you go in the world you could take part in a Tae Kwon Do lesson and not need to know that countries language.
Diagonal Stance Sason Sogi
One Leg Stance Webal Sogi
Rear Foot Stance Dwitbal Sogi
X Stance Kyocha Sogi
Bending Stance Guburyo Sogi
Sitting Stance Annun Sogi
Fixed Stance Gojung Sogi
L Stance Niunja Sogi
Walking Stance Gunnun Sogi
Parallel Stance Narani Sogi
Close Stance Moa Sogi
Attention Stance Charyot Sogi
Low Stance Matcho Sogi
Vertical Stance Soojik Sogi
Inner Open Stance An Palja Sogi
Outer Open Stance Oe Palja Sogi
Crouched Stance Oguryo Sogi
Foot Parts
Ball Of Foot Ap Kumchi
Foot Sword Balkal
Back Sole Dwit Kumchi
Back Heel Dwitchook
Instep Bal Dung
Knee Moorup
Toes Balkut
Vital Spots Kupso
Reverse Foot Sword Balkal Dung
Side Sole Yop Bal Badak
Side Instep Yop Baldung
Tibia Gyungol
Inner Tibia An Gyungol
Outer Tibia Bakat Gyungol
Inner Ankle Joint An Balkok Gwanjol
Outer Ankle Joint Bakat Balkok Gwanjol
Front Elbow Ap Palkup
Upper Elbow Wi Palkup
Back Elbow Dwit Palkup
Side And Back Elbow Yop Dwit Palkup
Double Side Elbow Doo Yop Palkup
Straight Elbow Sun Palkup
Knee Stretching Moorup Pyogi
Leg Stretching Dari Pyogi
Back Exercise Dung Undong
Hip Exercise Nori Undong
Arm Exercise Pal Undong
Neck Exercise Nok Undong
Ankle Exercise Balmok Undong
Breathing Exercise Jungshigi Undong
Press Ups Montong Bachik
Double Forearm Block Doo Palmok Makgi
Inward Block Anuro Makgi
Outward Block Bakuro Makgi
Rising Block Chookyo Makgi
X Fist Block Kyocha Makgi
X Knifehand Block Kyocha Sonkal Makgi
Wedging Block Hechyo Makgi
Guarding Block Daebi Makgi
Twin Knife Hand Sang Sonkal
Circular Block Dolli Myo Makgi
Front Block Ap Makgi
Side Block Yop Makgi
U Shape Block Digutcha Makgi
9 Shape Block Gutcha Makgi
W Shape Block San Makgi
Upward Block Ollyo Makgi
Downward Block Naeryo Makgi
Hooking Block Golcho Makgi
Pushing Block (type) Miro Makgi
Sweeping Block Hullyo Makgi
Grasping Block (type) Butchaba Makgi
Pulling Makgi (type) Dangyo Makgi
Pressing Block Nullo Makgi
Scooping Block Duro Makgi
Double Arc Hand Doo Bandalson
U Shaped Grasp Digutcha Japki
Waist Block Hori Makgi
Twin Straight Forearm Sang Sun Palmok Makgi
Forefist Ap Joomuk
Backfist Dung Joomuk
Sidefist Jop Joomuk
Knifehand Sonkal
Reverse Knifehand Sonkal Dung
Fingertip Sonkut
Back Hand Son Dung
Straight Fingertip Son Sonkut
Flat Fingertip Opun Sonkut
Upset Fingertip Dwijibon Sonkut
Open Fist Pyun Joomuk
Twin Fist Sang Joomuk
Palm Sombadak
Under Fist Mit Joomuk
X Fist Kyocha Joomuk
Arc Hand Bandal Son
Thumb Umji Songarak
Forefinger Nan Songarak
Double Finger Doo Songarak
Angle Fingertip Homi Sonkut
Double Side Elbow Jau Palkup
Bow Wrist Sonmuk Dung
Finger Pincers Jipge Son
Bear Hand Gomson
Long Fist Ghin Joomuk
Stretching KickCha Olligi
Thrusting KickJillo Chagi
Front KickAhp Chagi
Side KickYup Chagi
Round (Roundhouse) KickDolrya Chagi
Back KickDwi Chagi
Reverse Round Kick ("Hook Kick" For Some Styles)Bahndae Dolrya Chagi
Back Round Kick ("Hook Kick" For Some Styles)Dwi Dolrya Chagi
Hook Kick (Also "Golcho Chagi" Or "Golro Chagi")Gullgi Chagi
Crescent Kick (Literally "Half Moon Kick")Bahndall Chagi
Wheel KickHoohrio Chagi
Slant (Or Instep) KickBeet Chagi
Half Round Kick (Also "Instep Kick")Bahn Dolrya Chagi
Slap KickBeakya Chagi
Ax Kick; Literally "Downward Foot Strike"Nehryuh Jeek Gi
Swing KickHwe Jun Chagi
Pushing Kick (Also "Mil Gi Chagi")Mil A Chagi
Pickax KickGokwang I Chagi
Target KickPyojuk Chagi
Spinning KickDolmyo Chagi
Jumping KickTdwim Yah Chagi
Combination (Consecutive) KickYung Seuk Chagi
Sliding Kick (Also "Mikulgi Chagi")Meekulmyu Chagi
Rolling KickGoollruh Chagi
Hopping KickNatgeh Tdwim Yu Chagi
Flying Kick (Also "Goong Jung Chagi")Nalla Chagi
Scissors KickGahwi Chagi
Linear KickIllja Chagi
Holding (Grasp) KickJapgo Chagi
Falling Kick (Leg Sweep)Ohpo Chagi
Stooping KickNachu Oh Chagi